Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Family Pictures

Now that we are 4, we needed to update our family pictures. All we did was walk out our front door and go over to our side yard. We have really pretty rock stairs, and they made the perfect photo spot. It was so convenient, and looks great!

Bradley really wanted a picture of his new skill - going cross eyed. What a kid!

Friday, May 23, 2008

watching Elli grow

I am so sorry that it has taken me 2 months to update Elli's blog. I till try not to let this happen again. These photos are a taste of Elli growing up here in our home. We love having her at home with us.

This first photo was taken just a few weeks ago. Elli is holding her doll that is 10" long, which is exactly how long she was when she was born. The interesting thing is that when I compared her 4 day hand molds that the nurses made for me, they are actually smaller than the dolls hands. She has come a long way, Elli is now 24" long and weighs 11 lbs.

This is Elli getting ready for her ride home from the hospital on January 3rd.
Here she is sleeping underneath our Christmas tree the day we brought her home. She is the best gift of all!!!
Remember the pictures from Elli's one month birthday? I took this picture as a comparison. Now instead of being the same length as the candy bar, her waist is the width of it. (See October 2007 to compare)
We took this one about a week before Easter. I couldn't take her down for all the family festivities, so Wayne needed something to show her off to his family. They all agreed that she is adorable, and I would have to concur.
This was taken a couple of weeks after Easter. It was so wonderful for her and for us to have her off the oxygen, and after only 2 months. She is truly remarkable!

I absolutely love this picture. What you can't see is the reason she is smiling. After trying for several minutes to capture a smile, her brother walked in the room and this is her reaction to seeing him. She is always happier when Bradley is near. She does the same thing when Wayne gets home from work. She loves the men in her life!