Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Elli's baby

Elli loves her new baby doll. She feeds her several times a day. She doesn't carry her around yet, but I think once Elli learns to walk that will change. It's hard to bring something with you when you need your hands to crawl around.

Giving baby kisses. So sweet!

Here is another compare and contrast photo of Elli. This is her tiny Clifford dog that we used in the hospital so show her size. Below is the first photo we took with Clifford when Elli was just over a week old. Pretty amazing! Elli now weighs 18 lbs. 1 oz., and she is 32 1/2" long.
She is 10" long and weighs 1 lb. 2 oz. in this photo.
Here is our little smarty! She can go up and down the stairs with ease now. (For my own nerves, I did duct tape a blanket around the post at the bottom of the stairs.) I never had to teach her to turn around at the top of the stairs so that she was going down backwards. She just did it all on her own. She really has terrific problem solving skills. It was the same getting down off the couch, she just automatically turned over onto her tummy to slide off feet first.
I realized another bonus the other day. By the time she learns to walk there won't be as many bumps and bruises on her head (I hope anyway). The reason being, she is already too tall to stand under the table, which means that she never learned to walk under it in the first place. Hopefully that will save us a few tears, although I'm sure there are other things that will bring on the tears. Wayne had to get her off Bradley's bunk bed ladder the other day, and put it up so that she wouldn't try climbing it again. I'm afraid that we do have a little monkey on our hands, which is totally new for us. Bradley didn't climb anything, I never had to worry about that at all with him. We are certainly in for it with this little sassy girl! But that's okay, I think we're ready?!?