Friday, August 13, 2010

24 and counting....

I have some great friends and neighbors who are just as excited about each week that passes by as we are. Each Sunday when I see them at church they all cheer and say one more week!!! They have been planning an ice cream party to celebrate reaching 24 weeks, which is 5 days past how far along I was when Elli was born.

Here is Elli sitting with Kandi on the left, Sheree in the middle with 2 of her kids, and Allison on the right. They had star light mint ice cream which I had been craving and almost bought the night before. So apparently they we in tune with my cravings. AWESOME!!

How do you like Elli in her shades? She wears them everywhere outside, and on her head when she is inside, which she learned from me. Like mother, like daughter I guess.

This is Erika, and there were several other friends there that I don't have pictures of. Thank you Heather, Heidi, Sarah, Candace and Mandi. It's so nice to be surrounded by girls like all of you who take such a keen interest in others. I really appreciate all you do for me and my family.

Let's do it again at 28 weeks, and the next milestone after that is 32 weeks. We're going to make it this time!!!!

Monday, August 2, 2010


Last night at 2:35 my Grandpa passed away. He was 99 1/2 years old. It is amazing to think of all he saw and did during his lifetime. Grandpa was a sheep herder, a fireman, a mechanic and many other things. He saw everything from the beginning of cars to the development of the Internet. He saw the valley go from mostly farming to shopping centers on every corner. My parents home is just minutes from his home, so we were able to see him a lot. We had many Sunday dinners together, played a lot of baseball in his backyard, watched the 4th of July parade in his front yard, went on early morning fishing trips in the summers, had our annual camp out, and heard story after story of his life. Grandpa we love you and will miss you, but we are so grateful for the life you lived. We are so glad that we know about the plan of salvation, we know you are happy and at peace now. What a fantastic reunion you must be having right now. We won't forget you Grandpa!