Saturday, December 10, 2011 far

My cute girls helped me decorate a sparkly pink Christmas tree in their bedroom. Katie loves the lights and makes the cutest little contented sigh every time we plug the tree in.

Elli loves, loves, LOVES, her pink tree!

She had just figured out how to climb onto Elli's bed all by herself. You can see the pride all over her face. She is a sweetie!!

Elli had her first hair cut, and it turned out adorable!! I was nervous about it, but I love it!!! Now we will just have to see how much I love blow drying it all the time. That part I am still a bit nervous about, but she is soooo cute!!!

More December to come soon......


richvm said...

Your girls are both darling- I can't believe your baby is already one! It's good to have you back in blogville! I've enjoyed getting caught up on your family happenings- hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas!!

Jenny said...

That last comment was from me (Jenny), not Richard. Although, I'm sure he wished you a Merry Christmas too!! :)