Wednesday, December 7, 2011


We had our family photo shoot this month. Jody did a great job, as always! I love how they turned out, especially the kids!

Can you see why she can sweet talk her dad so well? He is such a pushover for those eyes.

This is the best picture Bradley has had for a long time. He has been stuck in the "I can't remember how to smile" phase for way too long. But this one worked, what a handsome boy he is growing up to be.

Our silly little Katie loves her tongue. She sticks it out all the time, but especially when she is happy. What a doll!

Thanks again Jody, they turned out great!

I made a huge batch of salsa this month. I actually don't care for bottled salsa myself, but I think it is so pretty in the pot. Bradley is the one who eats it like crazy, it is his favorite after school snack.

I ended up watching the Relief Society General Meeting on the Internet that evening because I hadn't quite finished processing the salsa in time. I was sad about that, but happy to put a couple dozen bottles of salsa on the shelf.

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