Monday, December 5, 2011

The Christmas that I almost forgot....

Christmas 2010

It is no secret that I have had a very bad blogging year. I want to amend that right now by catching up on all wonderful moments I've missed sharing. Above is our precious little Christmas bundle. Katie has been such a joy!

Bradley and Elli in their Christmas outfits for church. I had fun making up a pattern for Elli's skirt below. Luckily I made it big enough that it still fits her this year.

We had a couple of really good snow storms just before Christmas, so we took advantage of the hill on the side of our house whenever we could.

As part of our Christmas Eve party with my family we all went over to the rest home where Grandpa Svedin was spending his holiday. We sang to him and all the kids played their Christmas piano songs for him. Several of the other residents came out to enjoy the program. My favorite part was watching him hold Katie and having the magic affect on her that he always does with babies.

Kim and Marianne.

Dad was reading his Christmas message while we gathered in close to listen.

Beautiful Kristen sang like and angel. She is exceptionally talented!!

Christmas morning. We started with our traditional breakfast of sausage egg casserole, muffins and juice. Bradley was insisted on bringing Katie down for her first Christmas morning. And I think it was the first year Elli walked down the stairs completely by herself. She is doing so well!

Elli wanted Santa to bring her a Jesse doll. She was very happy, but turned to me and said, "what about Bullseye?" I guess Santa will have to do better with the mind reading next year.

Santa had some success on the classifieds this year. Bradley was especially impressed!

Katie was content to snuggle with daddy for the majority of the morning.

The Saturday after Christmas is when Wayne's family gets together. Part of the annual celebration is the kids acting out this little puppet play as we all sing "The Friendly Beasts". The kids are always excited to find out which one they get to be.

We had a wonderful Christmas season. I'm always sad when it's over. It usually takes me until Valentines day to get everything completely cleaned up. I just love how the holidays leave a peace in our house that is unique to this time of year. The best way I have found to describe it is the hush of Christmas. That's what I feel when I have all the lights out except for the tree, and soft music is playing....I hate to let that go, and it's the main thing I look forward to as we wait for the next Christmas.

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