Wednesday, December 7, 2011


The weather finally improved enough to do swim lessons. Actually Bradley braved the cooler June and did a session then, his second & final session was in July. He does love to swim, and if he really wanted to be he could be a strong competitor. That's just not how he is though. He just likes to do things for fun, and that's okay

We signed Elli up for her first round of lessons. I had her in a pre-school group and it didn't go very well, so we switched over to a mom and me class.She still didn't love doing the things that she needs to do in order to pass off a class, like putting your face in the water, dunking your head, etc.... I'm not sure what to do next summer. She is going to want another mom and me class, but she will be too big.

We had a great 4th of July weekend. On the Fourth we drove down to Delta for the parade and had a barbecue with Wayne's Aunt who still lives there. Wayne's dad grew up in Delta, so it's kind of the family reunion for his side of the family. It was a cooler day, overcast, but not very rainy. After the barbecue all of Wayne's siblings who had were there and his parents all decided to head over to the sand dunes just off the side of the road in Holden. It was the best idea! It had sprinkled just a little right before we got there, and was still overcast, so it wasn't too hat and the sand wasn't blowing everywhere in the wind. The kids had such a great time!!

Elli and Megan were inseparable, they had so much fun!

Bradley and the Bringhurst boys were all over the place, jumping and diving down the dunes. If we could be guaranteed this kind of weather I think we would all make the dunes a tradition!

For my side of the family we all decided to go over to Grandpa's house to watch the Riverton parade. Grandpa's house is right on the parade route, and it has been a gathering place for my family to watch the parade for at least my whole life, but I would guess longer than that. I haven't been to the parade in several years. Since Grandpa's house is up for sell, we decided that we needed to have at least one last family party for the parade. We had dinner while we watched. It was fun to be with so many of my cousins again. I wish more could have come. Bradley, Elli and Katie are sitting on Grandpa's porch for this picture.

For pioneer day we were in Marysvale again. We had a weenie roast down at the pond and roasted marshmallows. Bradley was in heaven, of course, and Elli had a terrific time with Brennan. They have become the cutest little buddies.

Katie got the most attention. This is a shot with Grandpa. What a sweet girl!

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